Panorama Virtual Shop is the online shop which uses panorama photos of real shops. Visitors can enjoy shopping by clicking the items and moving around the shop. The virtual shops are good marketing tool for both online and real shops.

Panoplaza is the online tool to create Panorama Virtual Shops. The users can upload panorama photos, make tags on the items, and publish it to the world! Since Panoplaza is build on cloud storage, the users don't need to have their online storage.

We are working with major department stores and retail shops. Some of the clients' virtual shops are below. We are also providing Panoplaza platform for some clients so that they can integrate the system in their business platform or business model (sales representatives are also welcome).



The 360 degrees panorama movie is a moving picture in which viewers can look around all directions.It is an interactive multimedia contents controlled by mouse and other form of user interfaces.panoplaza movie is appealing tool for promotion of entertainment and spaces. [...more]


Virtual Aquarium by Panorama Video

We have shot 360 degrees panorama video of an aquarium Nakagawa Aquatic Park in Tochigi Japan. It was a lot of fun to going through tube type fish tank with a panorama camera on a radio controlled car. Please enjoy the virtual aquarium with smooth background sound!


Air Dome Projection of Panorama Video

We have done panorama shooting, airborne shooting, and wearable camera shooting to create promotional video contents for Keio University’s football event. we projected 180 degrees of panorama movies in the Air Dome, the huge screen with nice background music could entertain visitors. Tokyo will welcome a huge sports event in 2020 and we will be ready for that! [...more]

Partners using Panoplaza Platform

BrowseWell is providing panorama virtual shop solution to the clients in the North America.

Shanon is providing virtual event solutions especially in Japan. (Link in Japanese)

Tokyo Cafe 360 is a portal web collecting stylish cafes in Tokyo Japan. (Link in Japanese)

Demo Video (Only 90 seconds!)

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Microsoft Silverlight is needed for Sign up. Please access from your PC or Mac.

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Free PlanBusiness Plan
Upload Limitshop530
Panorama Photos(per shop)830
Items(per shop)1001000
CustomizationItem HotspotXO
Panorama HotspotXO
Original logo and iconsXO
Original Design TemplateXO
AnalyticsGoogle Analytics IntegrationXO

Bussiness plan is USD $100 per month. We can receive payment through either bank transfer or Paypal. Please feel free to contact us.

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